Company History

Blades Enterprises LLC

Blades Enterprises LLC was formed between the owners of Edward Blades Tool Inc and Aviation Tool back in April of 2008. Ed, Pat and Dan of EBT and Bill Berry of Aviation had decided that in this new market, companies needed to diversify and keep whatever they can in house. EBT brought expertise in milling, fabricating and turning where Bill brought expertise in Turning, large turning, ID/OD grinding & carbide work to the team. EBT and Aviation had done work for each other over the 13 years before joining forces.

In May of 2008, Blades Enterprises LLC had moved into a new 13,250 SF building in Novi, MI. After moving into there new home, it was quite a different feeling for both parties, EBT coming from a 3600 sf building and Aviation coming from a 5,000 sf building.

Since the merger, Blades Enterprises LLC had made a capital investment of over $300,000 for a brand new Flow Waterjet Abrasive Cutting Machine. The machine has been a great investment, it has opened the doors for new customers where we may have not had the opportunity to meet otherwise. The machine has helped immensely in their everyday machining lives by cutting out hours and hours of standard machining time. In doing so, it has allowed them to offer parts quicker at a better cost.

In May of 2009, Blades Enterprises LLC will be completing the ISO 9000:2001 certification, they have been implementing the system since November of 2008.

Edward Blades Tool Inc.

Edward Blades started his company and worked out of his garage back in the late 80's. he started with what he knew best, manual milling machines, a lathe, surface grinder and a saw. Ed is a strong spirit and is a true entrepreneur. After several years of working by himself, he started to get more work and eventually started getting into more complicated parts that needed CNC machining. Ed saw the future in the CNC machining field and in 1993, he purchased his first CNC machine. Well it did not take long for Ed to decide to get another machine, so in 1994, a second machine was purchased.

In 1995, Ed had decided to hire his son, Daniel. Daniel had only about a year in the skilled trade at that time. Daniel had brought with him 8 years of autocad experience and a strong willingness to learn. Ed knew if he could train his son, that they would be a great force in the years to come. Daniel was learning from his father the do's and dont's of the trade and at the same time was learning how to program the CNC machines. Did not take to long to learn the machines, but he figured out where the real skill was, it was the skill of being able to setup your own parts and process them correctly. This is where Ed's expertise lied, Ed was a master of his trade.

After 3 years in 1998, Ed had purchased his 3rd CNC machine, this time it was a lathe. Ed was tired of sending out all the turning work and saw that he could save alot more money and keep everything in house in a better quality controlled atmosphere and not having to depend on anyone to get parts done. It paid off greatly as the turning work was piling in. At this time, in 1800 sf of space, Ed had (3) CNC machines, (3) bridgeports, (1) manual lathe, surface grinder and (2) saws along with many desks and steel racks. Space was tight but greatly utilized.

Ed and Dan have been a great team over the years and they complemented each other's skills greatly. Their dedication to their customers and their quality was outstanding. They both have spent countless nights working through the night to help out their customers to make sure the parts were delivered on time and that they were accurate. Ed and Dan have made alot of parts since 1995 together for alot of different customers and in many different area's.

Blades Enterprises LLC.
25220 Trans-X Rd
Novi, MI 48375

Phone: 734-449-4479 Fax: 734-449-3464


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